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The Buccaneer Reserve Coffee

By Wellú

In the Valle de Angeles, Morazan district of Honduras, there is concentration of small family fincas producing high quality Arabica coffee beans. Wellú Finca is cradled in a remote, steep-walled area of Valle de Angeles in Honduras’ Central High Mountain in an excellent microclimate at 1,800 meters high, where its premium coffee beans flourishes under ideal rainfall, growing and soil conditions. It is a small, family-run finca, where they inherit the process to produce extraordinary premium green beans. Meticulously cultivated, processed, and ultimately hand-picked, each coffee bean that enters The Buccaneer Reserve will make extraordinary coffee. Selectively packed for you in Roatan.

Buy the Fragrant and Delicious Premium Hand-picked Honduran High Mountain Coffee packed in Roatan: your mornings at home will remind you of the beauty and freshness of Honduras!