The word Honduras means "depths" in Spanish, and it’s what the cartographer traveling with Christopher Columbus marked down in 1502 when their ship sailed through some rough, deep waters off the country’s northeast coast. Though the mapmaker was referring more to the water than to the land, the name stuck. Today Honduras has about eight million people of very diverse cultures: the Spanish-speaking Mestizos, who make up the 90% of the population (mixed Amerindian and European), the Chorti Maya and Lenca; the indigenous Miskito and Jicaque and the Garifuna of African descent.

Honduras offers its great diversity of flora, fauna and marine life, archaeological sites (including the most important Classic Maya ceremonial center of Copan), fantastic Caribbean beaches (made famous by the world’s media) and different ways of being and living across its different regions. All of these are waiting for you to come discover and experience, nature, adventure, diving, bird watching, living cultures, archeology, colonial and modern history, diverse cultural expressions and their rich flavors and aromas: these are some of the interests that you will enjoy in the country that has five stars on its flag.



Roatan is set amidst a world of pristine beaches, lush tropical landscapes and turquoise sea on the Northern coast of Honduras. The Island is approx 48 miles long and 5 miles wide (at its widest part). It’s situated on the world's second largest barrier reef.

Recent media has billed Roatan as the "Best Island to live on" - Island Magazine) and the "3rd best island to vacation to" (CNN - Trip Advisor) and one of the "Top 5 Islands To Retire To" (

You can legally live and work on the island, with available permits.

The population is approx 80,000 people with a native Honduran population of about 75,000 and North America community of expats of about 5,000 people

The average air temperature in Roatan year round is about 80º F, or 28º Celsius with the trade winds providing a gentle breeze.

The average water temperature for Roatan is approximately or 84°F or 29°Celsius.

Roatan is serviced with flights from Houston, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Italy-via Cuba, Montreal and Toronto. Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines fly directly from USA to Roatan. Avianca from El Salvador and Meridiana from Italy via Havana. Air Transat from Canada.