We are proud to present “The Buccaneer” Lifestyle Resort Centre, which has been the heart of the Fishing Village of French Harbour for 52 years.

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Today at “The Buccaneer” you will find the concept Roatan Gift and Souvenirs Shop, a CP Shoes boutique, the Honduran Premium Coffee Shop with the exciting Coffee Experience and Tasting Area, an International Beer Bar with a casual yet gourmet Pizza & Burgers restaurant and a Swim Club and Splash Lagoon with a natural pool extending in the Caribbean sea. "The Buccaneer" combines tourism with education and culture since opening of the French Harbour Heritage Society with the Museum Quality Interpretative Center of the History of the Bay Islands where visitors can learn about the rich history and cultural diversity of Roatan. Also open to the general public is the new Educational Turtle Centre where you will learn about the various species of Turtles in the Bay Islands and environmental studies. An innovative Virtual Reality Experience Room is available with a specific VR Turtle section in the Turtle Centre.

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Our History

Mrs. Rita Thompson, member of the Thompson Jones family, was born in Jonesville, a community near the island of Roatan of which her family are considered as founders. In  the year of 1967 she founded the "Posada del Bucanero", a small hotel located in French Harbour, Roatan, which had four bedrooms, a bathroom and a family room. It is the first hotel to be opened on the island.

The Bucanero can be considered an important historical reference point in the development not only of French Harbour, but also of Roatan and the Bay Islands.

In its period of greatest splendor, El Bucanero was visited by personalities from the national and international level such as former heads of state of Honduras General Juan Alberto Melgar Castro and Policarpo Paz Garcia, and England’s Prince Philip.

In the present time, after years of extensive renovations, "The Buccaneer" has been restored and it has reopened its doors to the public in August 2016. The original wooden architecture has been is preserved, but adaptations to suit the needs of a modern and sophisticated community have been added. It has ceased to be hotel and has become a Resort Centre where visitors can enjoy a promenade that transmits peace and tranquility between the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.